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5 Reasons Why a Winter Vacation for Kids is Essential to Growth

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 14 August 2012

Are you wondering if a winter family vacation might be a smart idea this year? Did you know that a winter vacation is just as important for kids as it is adults? There are numerous reasons why kids should go on vacation in the winter time and Canada Travels is here to tell you 5 top ones!

While we all know that kids love to go away and explore other lands (such as Disneyland!), there are many reasons why a winter vacation may lower anxiety, decrease family stress and create stronger bonds between parents, siblings, cousins and close friends.

5 Reasons Why a Winter Vacation for Kids is Essential to Growth:

#1: Kids need a break too! Even though we don't believe it and we think kids are having fun most of the time already, kids need a break away from routine that may be building stress upon them. Kids also feel stress, whether it is at school, amongst school friends or around bullies and at home. By planning a winter trip away for you and your kids, you might be freeing some of that stress. Remember that kids can experience burnout as well.

#2: When you book a family vacation to Cuba, Cancun, Costa RIca or Hawaii, you will be providing your kids with a fabulous opportunity to learn about new cultures, experience old traditions and explore new worlds. This can help them in the long run when it comes to georgraphy class!

#3: General well-being is key. Whisking your kids away for a winter vacation this year could give them the boost they need; mentally, physically and even spiritually. Kids need to rejuvenate and if you live in a snowy, cold part of the world, they may need some nourishing vitamin D from the sun!

#4: Kids that travel more are more open minded as they grow older. They become worldly, adventurous and they may even have less fear of the realities of the world when growing up. The more kids are exposed to the world outside of their own backyard, the more they will take chances in life and aim towards new experiences. Get them out of their obsessive video gaming, Xbox-loving, Netflix-watching bubble and get them outdoors in the Caribbean sun or exploring ancient ruins along the Riviera Maya. Winter blues won't feel so 'blue' with a break to the tropics during months from November to February!

#5: The most important reason why a winter vacation is essential for kids is that it provides the perfect opportunity to bond with family members. With all the hustle and bustle of every day life, chores, parents job schedule, kids sporting events, school days and school friends birthday parties, quality time may become non-existent. By booking a winter vacation with your immediate family, you as parents can enjoy sunny fun-filled days with your kids. Remember, they are only young once and when they hit the teenage years, they may not be amused by Mickey Mouse and waterslides as much as before. (In fact, when they are teens, Mickey might suffer from a punch in the nose!)

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