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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Important

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 19 July 2012

Do you want to know five important benefits of purchasing travel insurance? Canada Travels is here to help you with some travel insurance advice. It is always important to be aware and research every travel insurance company you are looking into, as well as to guarantee that it covers all that is necessary for you and your loved ones while you are traveling abroad.

Travel insurance is important for people of all ages and can especially benefit groups such as adventurous types that get involved in risky adrenaline-pumping activities, seniors or people with a chronic medical condition.

It doesn't matter whether you need to go to emergency for that foot you fractured during a jet skiing stunt or whether you have a bad case of food poisoning and need personal treatment. Travel insurance can cover you when times get tough.

It is a known fact that smart travel includes protecting yourself and your family from major hospital bills that may occur from major illness or injury. Travel insurance may also protect you from missed flights, cancellations, trip interruptions, loss luggage, property damage, legalities and a variety of other travel fees. Here are 5 advantages of travel insurance and why you should purchase a package when planning your trip to your dream destination. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

#1: Medical Emergencies

Travel insurance can cover those massive fees that can occur when something goes awry in your travels. Imagine being in Cuba and your loved one has a heart problem that needs serious medical treatment, overnight stays and testing to be done. This can mount up in the medical fees department. You might end up with a bill that you will be paying off for years to come. This is why it is important to do your research and choose travel insurance packages that will cover major emergencies. An emergency can happen to anyone of any health status or age. Be prepared and have the help you need on hand at the hardest of times.

#2: Emergency Assistance

It can be costly to get ambulance assistance, whether by air, sea or on the road in many countries. Check your plan to see if you are covered for all transportation to the hospital. This is something that travelers overlook when an emergency occurs and they can get hit with a huge bill after the occurrence. There are also packages that cover the transportation of remains if death occurs. This can save your family even more suffering after their loss. You may even need a medical professional to accompany you home to your country for safe-keeping and this can mount up to thousands of dollars. Research, research and research again or ask your friendly travel agent for more information.

#3: Travel Cancellations and Trip Interruptions

Sometimes our travel plans don’t always work out as planned. Problems occur, a serious illness or death may have occurred at home, finances may be lost and deposits may not be refunded by travel companies, hotels and airlines. Your travel insurance package should include coverage of your travel bookings if something uneventful happens and you must rush home. What if your house suffered a massive fire or flood and you need to get home immediately? If you do not have this section claimed in your travel insurance, you may lose out on more than your home and in the time when you need your finances in tact the most. Always read the fine print in each travel insurance package to ensure you are covered in difficult times while traveling abroad.

#4: What if you Miss Your Departure Time?

Let’s face it. Life is full of whirlwind events that may interrupt the time that we need to get to the ship, airport or railway station. Transportation isn’t always reliable and buses, flights and vehicles have their problems at times. A benefit of travel insurance is that it may protect you from the fees that incur from a missed flight or other vessel.

#5: Your Personal Belongings

If you buy travel insurance before you fly off into the open skies, you may be covered for lost baggage during the travel process. Usually there is a maximum limit to how much you are covered for. What if someone steals your jewelry, money and other personal effects of great expense when traveling? You may be covered for some of the overall loss and expense.

Travel insurance is beneficial to all travelers and it is the perfect example of a smart traveler. Protect your belongings, your family and yourself, by finding the best package tailored to your travel needs. You may pay a bit extra, but when you compare that with thousands of dollars spent on hospital stays and medical emergencies and assistance; you will be happier you chose to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance is your friend and something you can count on in times of difficulty.

Ready to purchase travel insurance with us at Canada Travels? We have fabulous rates and we will make sure you can travel without worry every time. Call us at 1-800-563-5722 today!

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