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Air Travel for Disabled Travelers: Top 10 Disabled Travel Tips

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 8 July 2012

If you or someone you care about is disabled and planning on flying the open skies this year, make sure you check out these top 10 disabled travel tips to make your trip flow smoothly.

Air travel for disabled travelers has become increasingly easier over the years and there is nothing to fear if you are dreaming of exploring the world; after all, the world is yours to discover just as much as the next person.

Check out these top 10 tips for disabled travelers and travel safely, smoothly and stress-free.

#1: Before you decide to organize your vacation abroad, get in touch with your physician and make sure you are able to fly. Obtain a 'fit to fly' or some sort of original certificate that states you are in good health to fly. Sometimes you may need a letter if you have any metal impants that may set off metal detectors. i.e. If you have screws in your legs or feet etc.

#2: Make sure you have at least a month's worth of medication if you require it. Sometimes travel can present its obstacles and you may be delayed in a different country that may not have your medication. Disabled travelers and anyone on daily medication(s) should always be prepared. Learn the names of your medications and how they are supposed to be taken as well.

#3: Make a list and check it twice. If you have specific requirements for your travels such as wheelchair accesible facilities and resorts, find out what hotel and resorts are wheelchair-friendly. Don't assume a hotel or resort is fully accessible. They may have one or two features and then you might be unable to enjoy other amenities and features. Call a travel agent at Canada Travels and discuss what type of accessibility services you need.

 #4: Make sure you have a list of local physicians, specialists and medical clinics that you can get in touch with in the destination of your choice before you fly. You never know what events can occur when in a different destination. Be prepared; be a smart traveler.

#5: If you are disabled in any which way, whether it be your hearing, sight or physical ability, find a travel agency that can offer you the suitable services with regards to finding you the right hotel, cruise line or flight that will be able to assist you with your vacation needs.

#6: Make sure you arrange all of your travel before your actual day of travel. The airport can certainly be busy at times and getting the right documents seen for you to board might sometimes present a challenge. Other times, passengers traveling in a wheelchair may zip right through. Make sure you bypass any issues by planning ahead and letting the airline know your disability and needs.

#7: Make sure you arrive early before your flight. The ticket you have will state the required amount of time you are supposed to be there before your flight. (usually 3 hours before for international flights and 2 hours before for domestic flights so you can get through security on time) Be there on time to allow yourself a stress-free start to the day.

#8: Be comfortable. Ask the airline if all the seats are full on the plane. Some airlines will allow you to change your seat to another that is bordering two unsold seats. You may be able to elevate your legs while you fly the open skies.Sit back, raise your legs and feet and watch a movie while you fly. Ahhhhhhhh!

#9: If you need to rent a wheelchair, scooter, van and any form of transportation when you are in your dream destination, reserve it well in advance. See if you can book something at the airport if you haven't yet. Rentals go fast in prime travel destinations and you definitely don't want to end up confined to your room or hotel the whole trip. Can we say cabin fever!?!

#10: When you arrive at the airport, tell the airline about any medical complications you may have during in-flight so the flight crew are well aware of what you might require during your open sky travel.

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