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Airline Secrets: What Airlines Don't Want You to Know

Posted by NJ on 19 June 2012

There are a variety of airline secrets out there that airlines just don't want you to know. There are loads of savings to be had when booking airline travel and flights around the globe. 

Make sure you take note of these excellent airline travel tips and save more when you book your next flight.

#1: Upgrade your seat at the gate and save big! You could save up to $500 on your upgraded seat.

#2: Complain if you are unhappy and you will receive. If you didn't like the food, the service or the comfort of your seat, complain.  Most likely the airline will try to remedy this issue by giving you a discount.

#3: Book 3 coach seats for comfort and save more money than you would if you book one first class seat.

#4: Book directly through a travel agency like Ask about current promotions that may not have been updated online. Websites and online travel portals aren't always cheaper options.

#5: Bundle your trip together and book your flight, hotel and car rental all-in-one to save money.

#6: If you are on a flight that is delayed, talk to your airline. They are required to put you on a competitor flight if it will get you to your destination on time.

#7: Book a round trip flight and save more than you would if you book two seperate flights.

#8: Book during a holiday.  Flights can be reduced by more than 20% during these times as noone really want to travel during hectic holidays.

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