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Are You A Flight Virgin? What To Know Before You Fly

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 28 November 2011

flying tipsIf you have never flown into the great blue yonder before, chances are you are unsure of what to take on board with you. There are some 'must-have's' that you should always have with you when you book your ticket to the open skies.

Flying isn't exactly the way it used to be. There are extra fees, smaller snack meals, meal options, luggage restrictions, pet-friendly flights and so many other surprises these days when you fly. If you are a flight virgin here is what you should know.

#1: Flights now charge for the luxuries we used to have years back such as ear phones, alcoholic drinks, blankets, water bottles, head rests, ear plugs and more. Save yourself some money and bring along headphones, a big water bottle from the airport gate, wear a warm layer of clothing and pack ear plugs.

#2: Many flights do not accept cash anymore. If you have a credit card keep it in your carry-on luggage. It's always good to have a plan 'B' if you do have to make any purchases or buy extra food for your loved ones on a long haul flight.

#3: Choose what seat will suit you best and book it in advance if possible. The aisle seat is great for those who need to stretch or those who have a small bladder. The middle seat is the least favourite seat because being squished between two others isn't as comfortable and you may have to battle it out for the armrest. The window seat is excellent for first time flyers who want to see the world from above and for those who have no fear of flying.

#4: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It is always good to be comfortable when flying because when you are soaring above the clouds there is more pressure in the cabin, people feel more bloated and shoes may feel tight.  Wear 'fresh' clean socks incase you want to take your shoes off.  After all, you don't want to make enemies on the flight right?!

#5: Keep all of your entertainment in your carry-on. Portable DVD players, headphones, laptops, books and games are all good ideas to keep you busy and make the flight go by faster.

#6: Pack a pen and keep your passport handy. This is always a good idea so you can fill out custom forms with ease.

#7: Hydrate. Drink lots of water when in-flight. (You might want to choose an aisle seat in this case) We get very dehydrated when we fly because of the altitude and cabin pressure.

#8: Bring necessary medication. Also, if you suffer from motion sickness bring Gravil. It will calm any flight anxiety and you might even be able to snooze while you fly.

#9: Take any items you may need to refresh yourself for your new destination. This could include anything from eye drops, contact lenses (solution and case), makeup, face wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste.


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