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Best Vacation Clubs for Disabled People: Disabled Travel Tips

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 9 July 2012

Thinking about taking avantage some of the best vacation clubs for disabled travelers? Canada Travels has a selection for you to discover! When you or someone you love is disabled, the best way to travel and visit a dream destination is to book your stay at a vacation club. Vacation clubs are perfect for disabled travelers because they cater to people with special needs or disabilities.

Vacation clubs are famous for the way they take care of every need a guest may require and this includes all of the needs of disabled travelers. They go above and beyond to make sure their guests are comfortable, satisfied and happy throughout the duration of their stay. Imagine knowing exactly where you can go every year and have faith that they will have accessibility all over the resort, primarily for disabled travelers. Here are the top vacation clubs to check out when you are thinking of traveling this year.

#1: Disney Vacation Club

Disney is known for having phenomenal guest services in which they cater to every single guest as though they are the most important person within the resort. This goes for every guest, including disabled travelers. Disney is usually thought of as a kid-friendly venue which is entirely untrue. Disney resorts and vacation club is designed to entertain every one! Check out resorts such as The Villas at the Grand Californian Hotel, Disney's Beach Club Villas and Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort. Get ready for a magical adventure!

#2: Marriot Vacation Club

Marriot is famous for its ability to cater to all individuals, including disabled travelers with any type of disability. They have suite rentals, villas and timeshares available that offer wheelchair accessible ramps, handicap acessible pools, disable-friendly terrains and elevators.

#3: Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs

Hilton has over 3,700 resorts situated in over 100 countries, therefore, there are a variety of dreamy resorts to choose from.  Hilton focuses and dedicates its time in fulfilling the dreams of their disabled guests and accessibility is seen throughout their resorts. Each resort has a personalized service for disabled travelers or offers all the requirements that a disabled traveler will need.

#4: Hyatt Vacation Clubs

By joining the Hyatt vacation club, you will be secure in knowing that you can travel to any part of the globe. Hyatt has hotels and resorts that are disabled-friendly services and features for anyone with a disability, handicap or personal barrier.  Complete with personal concierge services,  pool access, elevators and more; Hyatt will take care of all of your needs as you visit exotic locations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Oceania and South America.

There you have it folks, some of the best vacation clubs that are disabled-friendly and comfortable for guests with specific challenges. Be a smart traveler and research your options before you fly.

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