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How to Stay Safe When Traveling: Be Aware

Posted by NJ on 16 April 2012

It’s always smart to be prepared for unexpected travel surprises and emergencies when traveling. Why cause yourself extra stress when you are on vacation? Make sure you prepare before you go!

Travel isn’t the same as it used to be and getting to your destination may not always be as smooth as planned what with the extra security and limitations.

Use this check list to keep you on the ball and ready for any circumstance when traveling abroad. After all, you are going on vacation and need to leave your worries behind. Travel smart and travel smooth. Here is how to stay safe when traveling.

#1:  Make sure you have all of the local emergency phone numbers such as the embassy and police of your destination, as well as hospital and medical clinic listings.  Also make sure you know how to make an international call out of the destination you are visiting so you can reach loved ones.

#2: Research the security situation of the place you are seeking to visit. Knowing the limitations, enforcement, rules and state of security can help prevent unwanted travel experiences.

#3: Make copies of all of your passports, personal identification, trip itineraries etc and keep copies in your hand luggage and give a copy to loved ones and friends.

#4: Purchase travel insurance for you and your family. This can come in handy if any of your personal belongings are lost or stolen, as well as if any travel bookings or plans get changed without notice.

#5: Make sure you have some money put away at home for a back up. Or make sure you have a friend or family member who can help you out should you need emergency funds.

#6: Make sure you avoid showing your wealth. Leave jewelry at home or in the hotel room safe, take a small amount of cash for each day and keep a budget.

#7: Avoid dark areas and walking alone at night. Even as adults, the ‘buddy system’ can prevent dangerous events and muggings from happening.

#8: When you arrive at your destination airport steer clear from people that claim to offer transportation services in unregistered vehicles.

#9: Research any health concerns that may occur in the destination you are visiting. I.e. Malaria, Montezuma's revenge

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