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How to Travel Light for Any Destination

Posted by NJ on 23 November 2011

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Europe, tropical Mexico, the sunny Caribbean or exotic South America this year, pack light! Just because you are traveling miles across seas, it doesn't mean you have to take your whole closet. Traveling light can be extremely helpful and can prevent any unnecessary travel problems.

The next time you are packing for a dream vacation, be a smart traveler and travel light. Here are some tips on how to pack light for any destination.

#1: Do a packing test before you set off on your journey and weigh your bag to make sure it fits within airline guidelines and regulations. Yes, 'bag', not bag(s)! Just one on this journey.

#2: Don't pack for a bad travel situation like tropical winds and hurricans. While it is good to be prepared the chances of natural disasters and severe storms are slim and you don't want to pile the weight into your bag. It's better to pack for the best scenarios.

#3: Think light. If you are traveling to a 5-star luxury resort area plan out an outfit for each day. If you are traveling to the tropics chances are you'll be running around in your bikini or Bermuda shorts most of the time. Take one or two pairs along with you. Most of the time our eyes are bigger than our bags and we try to be prepared for any event while traveling. A good packing list is one that is small but covers fine dining and beach days.

Try taking these items:

-underwear and socks for each day

-one pair of flip flops if going to the tropics

-one or two pairs of highheels for nights on the town (men -dress shoes)

-one or two pairs of pants or dresses to dine in style

-a tie for that extra jazzy dress code

-swimsuit if applicable (but not 5!)

-one or two pairs of shorts if a warm destination

-a few t-shirts and tank tops

You can roll your clothes to save space as well. Pack the same amount you would whether going away for a week or 3 months. The more you leave at home, the more you can come back with!

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