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Las Vegas Travel Tips: What To Pack for a Weekend Escape

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 16 August 2012

Did you book a Las Vegas escape and are you unsure of what to pack? Are you a Las Vegas virgin? If so, Canada Travels is here to help you out! Check out these Las Vegas travel tips and find out what to pack before you fly to the gambling capital of the world!

Here are some items you must pack when going on a 'Vegas vacation!'

Bathing Suit: This is a no brainer! In the summer months, Las Vegas heats up big time! You will want to hit the water parks if your are taking the kids or if you're a big kid yourself!

Warm Clothes: Between the months of October and April is can get a bit chilly so make sure you take some jeans, a cardigan or some sort of hoody and jacket.

Camera: You'll need tons of flim for the many Broadway shows, dancing fountains, themed hotels and fantastic performers.

Dress Clothes: You will need fancy clothes for dining out at night. While some stay casual and eat at buffet venues, others who want to wine and dine in style need a shirt and tie or dress shoes for some establishments.

Golf Clubs: if you are an avid golfer, take your clubs along with you and play a game of golf on some of the best championship golf courses in the United States.

Power Converters/Adapters: If you need your technical gadgets or you are taking a laptop or cell phone, you'll need your adapters, chargers and batteries.

Sunglasses: Get ready for 320 days of sunshine a year, so protect your peepers! 

Sunscreen: Las Vegas is a desert, so make sure you lather up! Even when you think it's breezy and you won't get burnt, think again. 

Walking Shoes: You'll want to cover the famous Las Vegas 'strip' and you will be strolling upon it quite often. Wear suitable walking shoes and protect your feet!

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