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Mental Health and Travel: Reasons Why Travel is Important for Mental Health

Posted by NJ on 1 August 2012

We have heard why travel is important for our health and how it can greatly improve tired muscles and replenish and rejuvenate the body, but what about our mental health and well being? What about the improvement of our mental state? Travel is a major healer when it comes to achieving clarity, inner peace and re-gaining a stable state of mind when all feels lost. Here are some very important reasons why travel is important for mental health.

Escape from Reality Works

Yes, it's true. The perfect escape from home and your everyday life is to book a vacation. It doesn't matter if it is only an hour away or 10 hours away. Any escape from what you are used to can greatly improve your life and mental well-being on so many levels. Forget the car payments, one hour commute to work and your everyday chores for a week or two.  Spoil yourself and give yourself some time to rejuvenate your soul and clear your mind from the stress that brings you down on a regular basis.

Exercise Is Inevitable

The greatest thing about traveling is that no matter where you go, there will be movement and exercise will be a part of your regular routine. At home, you might fall into the doom and gloom of rainy days or cold winters and you just might not feel like it. Imagine that you are in a tropical place and the sun is shining bright through your window. We guarantee that you are going to want to go for a stroll. Exercise is known to increase happy feelings and boost adrenaline, therefore, a trip away will greatly improve your mood. Doctor's orders.

Reflection And New Insights

Sometimes we forget that our spiritual side needs nurturing as well to keep our mental health intact. By traveling abroad, you will have opportunities to see new places, experience new cultures and open your mind and heart to the amazing beauty our world provides for us. You will have time to reflect, time to make peace with the past and also time to learn new life skills. Time away is very important for personal growth.

Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine

It is a known fact that laughter can improve our mood and mental health on a daily basis, but how many times do we actually get to relax with friends and laugh hard when life is so hectic at home. Grab a group of friends or one best pal and go away for some fun. The world is our playground and we are never too old to enjoy all the fun it has to offer. The more you laugh, the happier you will feel in the long run.

Connecting With Others

We are not here on this planet to sit alone at home every night. We are not meant to be isolated. Isolation is the root of many mental health problems such as depression and can lead to other serious conditions. Loneliness is a killer. Noone deserves to be lonely and when we choose to travel, we are opening ourselves up to the world. We are saying, 'hello world, here I come!' and people can sense it. Travel can create numerous opportunities for meeting new friends and possibly a new love.

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