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Packing Tips: Ten Tips on How to Pack for a Trip

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 22 June 2012

Are you going away to the tropical Caribbean this year? Visiting friends and family in Europe? Or are you going on a Mayan ruins exploration in Cancun? If you are planning your dream vacation this year and need some packing tips for your adventure then make sure you read on.

Canada Travels wants you to enjoy a smooth stress-free vacation and there is no reason why you should stress over packing your bags for a trip. Check out these top ten tips on how to pack for a trip!

#1: Make copies of your passport, personal documents etc. and keep copies in your luggage and carry-on luggage. If by chance you lose your actual documents, having copies will help you when you have to visit your embassy abroad. Keep secure and keep your documents and personal identity safe.

#2: If you are backpacking across Europe or Australia, make sure you pack the lighter items in the bottom of your bag and the heavier ones at the top. This will provide more support for your back as you trek across the globe. Place the items you will use the most at the top for easy access.

#3: Divide your valuables. If you need to travel with valuables, make sure you split them up across your luggage. The worst scenario would be to find everything missing at once. Be a smart traveler and either leave valuables at home or split them up in your baggage.

#4: Use the appropriate small bottles for specific liquids and lotions you might desperately need while traveling. i.e. shampoo, contact lense solution, hand cream

#5: It may seem a tad bit anal, but divide your clothing items into zip lock bags. This can provide you with simple, stress-free clothing selection when in a rush and can be a fabulous way to save space and pack easily. It can also protect your clothes from spilt liquids, bugs etc. in your destination.

#6: Before you pack, place a weeks worth (or however long you are traveling) of outfits. Lay them across your bed and divide them according to the length of your trip. Do not take more than you need as you will only suffer with baggage fees and possibly a back spasm.

#7: If you are taking gifts with you to your destination, don't pre-wrap them. In some security inspections they may open your nicely gift wrapped present, so it might be a waste of time. Plan ahead, take some tape and cut pieces of wrapping paper and wrap when you arrive.

#8: If your gym shoes and other shoes have any odor, pack them inside zip lock bags or stuff them into clean socks. This will protect your clothing from smelling like a gym bag by the time you arrive in your dream destination.

#9: If you want to bring valuables, pack them into a place where a thief would least expect. i.e. Think a diaper bag or with other baby items

#10: As any backpacker will advise you, roll your clothes. You can roll your clothing to save space in your luggage. Another tips is to roll your clothes in tissue paper to avoid major wrinkles!

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