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Pet-Friendly Airlines: FIDO Can Fly too!

Posted by NJ on 6 October 2011

cat in plane, pet-friendly travel, cat airplaneLet's face it, pets have become almost equal to children in our lives. More and more singles, couples and families have pets that they care for as one of the family. We pamper and baby our furry friends, talk and brag about them to our friends and get excited about seeing them every morning when we wake or when we return from work.

When a travel opportunity arises, our first thought is 'I can't leave without Whiskers or Butch!'  In this modern day, you don't have to stress anymore about kennels and cat sitters. Travel is being brought to you and your cuddly best buddy, who happens to drink from a bowl on the floor. (Or in some severe overdone pampering cases, eats their Fancy Feast on a plate at the table)

Today, there are numerous restaurants, hotels, airlines and also attractions that open their doors to guests and passengers with pets. In some cases it is only on the grounds of the establishment for sanitary reasons, but for the most part, the travel world is becoming more and more pet-friendly as the years go by.

Nowadays, people want to vacation with their pet and fly with them across the open skies to their desired pet-friendly dream destination. It's not as though FIDO will know he's on a Hawaiian vacation or European adventure, but it sure does bring more comfort to owners who have a natural sense of well-being with their pet by their side.

Some venues, hotels, airlines and attractions are opening their doors to pets, while some are not. But it's a start. After all, we don't want little Miss Kitty scratching at Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa in the Musee du Louvre do we? Let's take a look at some of the top pet-friendly airlines that offer in-flight fun and services for your family pet.

#1: WestJet Airlines

This top airline allows cats, rabbits, small dogs and birds to travel right next to you in the cabin for approximately $50 one way and is also known as a budget-friendly flight.

#2: Pet Airways

This fabulous pet-tastic! airline is voted the most pet-friendly among airlines and offers your furry friend in-flight services, first-class treatment and fantastic animal stress-free policies.

#3: AirTran Airways

Also known as wallet-friendly, your cat, bird or domesticated dog can fly round-trip in the cabin for approximately $140.

#4: JetBlue Airlines

This popular pet-friendly airline has its very own 'Jet Paws' program which offers first-class amenities for pets. The airline also has a 'customer-focused and a dedicated-to-your-pets-needs' approach and offers a comprehensive e-guide to all pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, animal hospitals, attractions and parks in all major cities. They provide passengers with a pet-travel carrier bag and a guide to 'petiquette' when in-flight.

#5: Frontier Airlines

This airline is open-minded when it comes to pet travel and who can climb aboard their aircraft They allow a more diverse crowd on board including hamsters, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, small domesticated birds and more.

#6: Air Canada

Air Canada is friendly to all of its on-board furry friends. They accommodate small dogs and cats and they can sit right up front next to you in their very own seat. Will there be a fight over the window seat? Will FIDO be able to visit the cockpit? Maybe that's stretching it a bit too far.

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