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It Could Happen to You! What to Do if You Lose Your Passport When Traveling

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 14 October 2011

lost passport, passport on table, passportsWe all want to avoid this scenario at all costs and many of us prepare for the worst before it happens. Some of us make copies of our passports and other important identification and keep it handy in a separate piece of luggage or carry-on, while others seem to think they are invincible and it will never happen to them. Stop right there! It can happen to anyone, even the smartest traveler.

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Travel Tips 101: Are You Travel Smart?

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 6 July 2011

How travel smart are you when organizing your vacation? Do you plan ahead? Do you make travel check lists? Or do you leave everything to the last minute? If you are planning a vacation, take time to get yourself organized so you can avoid mishaps and other travel complications. Use these tips when planning your next vacation to the sun, snow, ruins or rainforest.

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