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When in Rome: How to Blend in When Visiting Italy

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 4 July 2011

If you are planning a trip to the romantic and picturesque country of Italy, why not ‘do as the Romans do’ and discover how you can blend in with this rich and passionate culture.  Italy is an exotic country that captures the hearts and souls of visitors yearly.  A visit to Italy is unlike any other visit to exotic lands and its rich history, traditional customs, landmark attractions and vibrant cities are without comparison. If you truly want to dive into the 'way of life' and culture in Italy, continue reading to discover some tips on how to live Italian-style, exude worldly charm and sophistication and blend in with the friendly people that live there. 

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Are You a Vegas Virgin? Make Your First Time Memorable

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 30 June 2011

Where can you find blackjack, bright lights, Broadway shows and 5 star luxury themed hotels? Vegas Baby! Las Vegas, Nevada for adults is like Disneyland for kids, a wonderland of games, food, entertainment and an array of colourful lights and glitter to distract you from reality. Las Vegas is an escape that is unique to vacation getaways to the tropics and various other parts of the world. When visitors head to Las Vegas they feel like they are a kid in a candy shop with a playground at their fingertips.

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