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Take the Test: What's Your Travel Personality?

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 29 July 2011

Do you ever wonder what your travel personality is? Whether you are made for treks through the Australian outback or are better off at an all inclusive in tourist-adored Cancun, let's find out. 

Do you prefer to travel to a familiar place where old friends may live or does a whirlwind itinerary-focused tour across Europe or 7 day cruise through the Greek islands suit you? Do you prefer exotic excursions filled with adventure and exploration or would you rather stay at the Four Seasons in New York and dine out at 5 star restaurants?

Take this mini-test to see how what form of travel is best for you. Grab a pen and write down your selected answers to each question and read the results!

#1: When you have a little extra cash would you:

a. Make reservations at one of the hottest, most expensive restaurants in the city.

b. Join that adventure travel or activities group you have heard on the radio recently.

c. Put it aside for that trip to Tuscany you have been dreaming of for years.

d. Book one night for two at that cute boutique hotel that’s just 2 hours out of the city.

#2: When in the tropical Riviera Maya, Caribbean or exotic South America do you?

a. Seek out an all inclusive resort and spend your days in the spa rejuvenating yourself.

b. Plan a group jungle excursion, diving tour or book a volcano and rain forest adventure.

c. Lie on the beach sipping tropical drinks, wading in the turquoise-green ocean and fantasize about what you will have for dinner later that day.

d. Stay with your group in your resort and spend the night dancing to the Latin beat in the hotel’s on-site disco.

#3: When you are dining at your favourite surf and turf (seafood and steak) restaurant do you: 

a. Of course, choose the market–priced lobster, scallops and t-bone steak.

b. Try something new on the menu. Possibly something spicy, bursting with flavor such as ceviche salad, the steak marinated in a chimichurri or the carne guisado. (Caribbean or Mexican spicy stewed beef)

c. Keep on a budget and go for a basic flat or chuck steak. Splurge on the crème brulee cheesecake you’ve been waiting to try out, but could not afford on previous visits.

d. Stick with the clam chowder you enjoy every time you go there. Why change a good thing?

#4: What is the first thing you think of when arriving in your destination?

a. You wonder what level of car service will be picking you up at the airport, cruise port or station.  After all, you did buy a full inclusive resort package. A safe and top-class car should be there for you.

b. What adventures your new destination has in store for you while you are visiting. You’re so excited, you can’t think straight!

c. You hope the room at your budget hotel is clean and pray there are no creepy critters lounging around.

d. Already missing friends at home that couldn’t come along. But you’ll make some new friends and lounge around the resort.

#5: When in Rome, do you:

a. Do as the Romans 'did' and eat grapes, drink fine wine, indulge in aromatherapy treatments and massages and have the staff at your hotel wait on you by hand and foot.

b. Plan to visit the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Knights of Malta and the Bocca Della Verita (Mouth of truth) where legend has it, if the lips close on an individual’s hand, they are a liar. Awesome!

c. Take a group tour around the city to the many museums and churches that also offer free entry.

d. Do as the Romans 'do' in modern times. Celebrate, eat pizza and pasta and stay in the main, safe areas of the city.

If you mainly chose the selection A:

Champagne and caviar dreams:  You know what the finest aspects of travel are and you will not take anything less. You are best suited for 5 star resorts that pamper and that have a spa for all those facials and daily massages. You believe that if you are going to visit a destination, you deserve only the best of the best and top-of-the-line hospitality and service. There is no way you will be happy at a backpacker’s hostel or budget-hotel like the Holiday Inn. As British secret agent Austin Powers would say; ‘It’s not your bag baby!’

If you mainly chose the selection B:

Indiana Jones and all that jazz: You thrive on adrenaline-pumping adventures and off-the-beaten-track explorations. A stuffy posh hotel and resort won’t fit with your 'wild card' travel personality. Stick to exotic locations like South Africa, Costa Rica and St.Lucia. You keep on your toes and lying around on the beach everyday does not sit well with you. Bursting with energy; you have a zest for life and want to live everyday to the fullest when traveling. Carpe Diem!

If you mainly chose the selection C:

Dream a little dream; but keep to the budget: You fantasize about travels and adventure more than you truly can handle or afford. You keep to a safe travel budget, prefer to stay in groups and enjoy a certain level of travel. You might be well suited for a 3 star or 4 star hotel that is close to all attractions and which has everything you need just out of your guest room door. Jungle treks and night diving might not work well for you and could actually rob you of some of your travel budget that you would like to keep for souvenirs, local cafes and those thirst-quenching mojitos by the pool.

If you mainly chose the selection D:

Familiar is what works: You like to keep within your comfortable zone with regards to travel. You are quite content to travel to the same destination every year because you known what the place offers you. You believe in safety and sticking to what you know, as it has always made you happy. What’s the point of change if you are happy? All inclusive resorts will probably be your best choice so you can have your vacation wonderland at your fingertips without having to step out of the resort. No problem! Whatever makes your heart for travel tick.

If you chose all different selections:

The Chameleon: You welcome change and have a chameleon travel-like personality. You are flexible and enjoy spicy food, familiar areas, jungle adventures, spa treatments, resort life, zip-lining and lounging around the beach. You like to get a taste of all forms of travel. Life is too short; try everything once.

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