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Top 10 Reasons to Travel Now

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 19 April 2012

If you are wondering why you should travel when this economy is putting so much pressure on us all, we at want to inspire you to realize why travel is important for your quality of life. You may be thinking, " Are you crazy? I don't have the money put aside for a 7 day cruise or all inclusive luxury hotel spa. I have bills to pay, a family to feed and a mortgage that just won't stop haunting me!" more

We all have money problems and issues right now, but there are so many amazing deals going on because the economy is tough on not only civilians, but major travel and hotel companies.

The only way they can also make a salary is by making packages and promotions more attractive. Here are the top 10 reasons to travel NOW. Keep an open mind folks.

#1: Discounts Galore

There are cheap deals and discount travel promotions everywhere. Airlines have been cutting prices, hotels are creating budget travel packages, cruiselines are dropping sky high prices and leading hotel and resort chains are making packages more attractive to the budget traveler. The time is NOW to take advantage.

#2: Tourist Ghost Towns

It's true. No one is traveling the way they used to, so it leaves more 'room' for you to take advantage of low rates and discount deals with airlines, cruises, hotels and more. Travelers are avoiding large crowds, because no one wants to be with a crowd anymore. People crave intimate surroundings, seclusion and peace when they travel nowadays. If you want to visit major tourist destinations like Cancun or Honolulu, Hawaii; the best time is NOW.

#3: The World's Economy is Down

You might be able to find ticket prices so low that you may be able to arrange a European vacation to France and Italy for the same price you would pay to visit the United States. Search my friends, or give us a call at (1-800-563-5722) and ask us about discount deals and all inclusive packages. You might be shocked at what prices are NOW!

#4: It's Imperative to Our Well Being

Many people do not care for all the major bling bling, fancy resorts, spas and luxuries anymore. People stay at home to eat more than ever now because it not only saves money on expensive dining; it's just more peaceful and comfortable. But, time away from it all is a craving that people have. Forget the fancy stuff at home and save money for that one week of ultimate bliss where you are surrounded by sun-kissed beaches, magnificent mountain tops and shimmering oceans. Nature is our luxury NOW.

#5: See How the Rest of the World Lives

Again, if you can forget the luxury travel and expensive dining, why not adventure to another part of the world where people live naturally and without the daily stresses and worries that many of us have. Go off the beaten track to tiny villages, visit with local people and see how life can be so simple. And believe us, you won't be spending like you would at home. Having money with you in tiny ancient towns and villages in South America, Central America, Europe and parts of the Caribbean isn't as important as everyday survival items.

#6: Road Trip!

It is the best time to take a road trip because many of the roads are clear. People cannot afford gas like they used to and this can be the most expensive part of a trip. If you can save up mainly for gas and plan a budget minded road trip, you won't have to fight traffic the way we used to. People aren't jumping in their cars to go travel to the next state or country like they used to. So, you are free to ROAM!

#7: Be Budget Minded and You Will Find Travel Money

As people are becoming more economical because of this intense economic drop, you just might find hidden travel money in some of the regular bills you pay. If you can cut down your TV, internet, phone and other monthly packages by even $20 - $40 you may find you have an extra $250 every month that you can put aside for travel. Make a list of your bills, cut them down or off, and start planning your travels!

#8: Top Priority = Travel

The perfetc reason to travel NOW is because we spend hour after hour, day after day doing routine things we do not enjoy. We commute 1 to 2 hours to work, we sit in a chair for 7 to 8 hours a day watching the clock, we deal with daily chores and household problems when we go home, have dinner and then we go to bed. We then start it over again the next morning. Remember the movie Ground Hog Day? How exhausting! The time is NOW to really put your priorities into focus and action. Travel is so important to our well being and personal peace. Life is too short anyway.

#9: As the World Turns

The world is an everchanging place. Countries, cities, old towns and major tourist havens are changing more and more everyday. If you want to see major landmarks, ancient cities and historical venues; the time is NOW to travel. Let's face it, the world is experiencing more and more natural disasters every year. If you want to make that month trip to Europe or plan your island hopping adventure in the Bahamas, take advantage today. Everything you have read in history books and what you have seen in travel magazines may not be there the next year.

#10: You Deserve It!

Travel can allow an individual to see new horizons, experience life by other means and truly realize how the world realistically is. So many of us work hard everyday without rewards or compliments on what we do. We spend hours and large efforts only to go unrecognized. Stand up for yourself. You need to take time for yourself and get away. You deserve to enjoy just as much time LIVING as the next person. Do not be a slave to an economy that is not working for you. Travel NOW.

Now that you have read these top 10 reasons to travel NOW, are you ready to take the plunge? Check us out at or call one of our dream team travel experts and tell us about where you dream of going this year. You can reach us at 1-800-563-5722. We're here to help you travel! 


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