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Top 10 Travel Tips for Seniors: Senior Travel Tips

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 20 May 2012

A large amount of seniors find the Caribbean and other sunny destinations attractive. It is important to be safe and be prepared when traveling to warm, tropical and exotic destinations this year. Some months are hotter than others and some more humid than dry. Check out these top 10 travel tips for seniors in 2012. At, we are here to help you travel at any age!

Top 10 travel tips for seniors:

#1: Always carry urgent medications with you when you travel. If possible, bring a note and extra generic prescriptions from your doctor if you plan to travel for longer periods of time. Keep all immediate medications in your carry on luggage. Read how to stay healthy when traveling here.

#2: Bring face clothes to cool down your face when possible. Bring all the neccessary toiletries you may need that may not be able to be purchased abroad.

#3: Leave copies of your passport and other personal documents with friends or at home. Keep a copy in your carry on and suitcase just in case as well. This will help you and dealing with your embassy in the event you will lose your passport etc.

#4: Take proper walking shoes, as well as hiking shoes. If you are visiting South America or Europe, you might encounter steep hills and rough terrains. Keep your feet protected and comfortable.

#5: Remember to purchase travel insurance. This will be a gift in the event you have any problems while traveling abroad. It can save you tons of time and money, as well as stress.

#6: Advise your credit company that you are going traveling. If your credit company suspects fraud and does not know you are away, they may freeze it on you, leaving you with no access to extra funds.

#7: Keep your valuables close to your body. If possible, leave your valuables at home or in the hotel safe.

#8: Let your friends and family know your itinerary. Check in with them every few days so they know you are safe and well.

#9: When you are touring through foreign towns and cities, pretend you've been there before. Plan ahead and research where you want to go. The less you look like a tourist, the less you look like an easy target.

#10: Leave your stress and worries at home and have some fun! After all, these are your years to enjoy and the time to treat yourself!

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