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Top 3 Must-See Attractions in Cancun

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 25 June 2011

Cancun has an abundance of attractions to experience and explore.  While there are many places to see in Cancun, there are three specific venues that definitely stand out above the rest.  Chichen Itza, Xcarat and Tulum are above and beyond the finest attractions in the state of Cancun.  While they may not be hot party spots like in the Cancun hotel zone, they will definitely keep you active and on your toes.

Tulum is the perfect attraction that encompasse Mexican culture and Mayan history all rolled into one.  Only a 60 minute drive away from Playa del Carmen, this rich-in-history Mayan City was once used for Maritime trade and was an extremely important sea port.   To this day Tulum attracts tourists from around the globe, mostly those who are interested in Mayan history and who want to learn more about the ancient Mayan civilization that began there.  Located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum’s ancient ruins are not to be missed.   Also, Xel-Ha waterpark is only a short eight mile drive away from Tulum for those of you who want to cool down after a long hot tour or hike.

Only a three hour drive from downtown Cancun is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, known as Chichen Itza.    The name Chichen Itza means ‘at the edge of the Itza's well.’  Located in the north of the Yucatan, this attraction is on every visitor’s to-do list when planning a trip to Mexico.  Visitors can explore the restored steps of ancient pyramids that once served as an economical and political centre in Mayan civilization. Among the forty various structures is the Temple of Chac Mool, the Pyramid of Kulkulkan, the playing field of the prisoners and the Hall of the Thousand Pillars. Tourists can take a step back into ancient Mayan civilization as they are guided through temples, tombs, stone arches and Mayan houses.

Known as one of the top eco-adventure parks in Mexico, Xcaret is a great addition to travel itineraries.  Stroll through bat caves, swim with dolphins and take photos of flamingos, jaguars and toucans.  When visiting this park visitors are also provided with the opportunity to see an authentic Mexican folk music festival and an ancient Mesoamerican ball game where hips are used to shoot hoops. Yes, hips, not hands!  What is your favourite Mexican tourist attraction?

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