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Top 5 Dive Spots in Cuba: Scuba in Cuba

Posted by NJ on 18 January 2012

If you are a beginner or an advanced diver, you will love a visit to one of these five diving spots in Cuba. These areas come highly recommended by scuba diving enthusiasts and even if you have only completed some basic training, you will appreciate these locations in Cuba.

Scuba dive Cuba and you will never know how to look at the ocean the same. From glorious tropical fish to exotic marine life; Scuba diving in Cuba will capture not only your breath, but your heart as well. 

Check out these top 5 scuba diving spots across the Caribbean island of Cuba and enjoy your next trip to Cuba.

#1: Cayo Levisa

This top Cuba dive spot is approximately one hour from the capital, Havana. Divers can view large tropical fish, black coral, sponges, 17th and 18th century shipwrecks and more. The Cayo Levisa Hotel supports divers exploring Cuba, so contact us and book your adventure today!

#2: Maria La Gorda

Situated near the west side of Cuba, Maria La Gorda is an underdeveloped, untouched area mostly. This special dive site is located in a world biosphere reserve. Divers can view 18th century shipwrecks, black coral walls, caverns and dark caves if they dare dive at night.

#3:Cayo Largo

Situated on the south end of Cuba, Cayo Largo offers glorious mountain reefs, chelonians, a variety of different species of fish and more. This hot Cuba dive spot is a great introduction for beginners who are still getting a handle on surviving open waters.

#4: Faro Luna

On the south of the island in Cienfuegos, Faro Luna is famous for its 28 dive spots in one location, ancient shipwrecks, colourful coral, clean clear waters, underwater photography opportunities and more. Definitely a much-adored dive spot by locals and tourists who enjoy the water sport of scuba diving.

#5: Playa Giron

Shore dives, shelf dives and deep cave exploring? Divers jump in! This internationally recognized dive spot attracts thousands of avid scuba divers every year. There is adventure to be had at every turn and a variety of underwater life to see.

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