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Top 5 Reasons Hawaii is a Romance Haven

Posted by NJ on 26 September 2011

Hawaii for lovers, couple holding hands, hawaii vacations, couple in hawaiiAloha! Hawaii has been a top destination escape for many travelers throughout the years. Whether it is to tie the knot, honeymoon or celebrate an anniversary, Hawaii has everything you could ever want in the romance department.

Do you love to island hop? Visitors can relax, unwind and experience the many beautiful island escapes Hawaii has to offer. While love can sometimes be a battlefield, Hawaii can offer you a chance to start all over again. Butterflies and all.

Hawaii exudes romance and every island is unique with its beaches, attractions, picturesque views and breathtaking sunsets. Book a Lanai, Kauai, Honolulu, Oahu or Maui vacation and allow the romantic ambiance to take its course. There are numerous Hawaii vacation packages to take advantage of in the here and now, so if you are dreaming of stepping upon the glorious beaches of Hawaii, book your Hawaii vacation with Canada Travels today. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Hawaii to start a new adventure together or spice up your love life.

#1: Meaning of Aloha

Most people understand that the meaning of Hawaii’s greeting aloha is translated as goodbye and hello, but it also means ‘love’. The spirit of Aloha thrives throughout every island in Hawaii and you can feel it as soon as you arrive there. The Aloha spirit is all about caring, giving of one’s self and sharing with each other.  If we all lived by the spirit of aloha, love would surpass the many hurdles that are experienced in relationships.

#2: Beaches, Beaches and More Beaches

Hawaii has some popular tourist-filled beaches such as the one in Honolulu, but it also has many secluded beaches where you can stroll and wade in the turquoise-blue waters with your special someone. With picturesque ocean front views, lava rocks and tropical breeze, visitors fall in love not only with the atmosphere, but each other.

#3: Sunsets Galore

Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Couples can enjoy glorious ocean sunsets while sharing a picnic on the beach or swim in the warm water and relax in the tranquil sun as it cools down.

#4: Do Not Disturb

Imagine being alone with your loved one in paradise. Hawaii and its many island escapes offer secluded lagoons, waterfalls, beaches, hiking trails and more. Escape from the hustle and bustle and cuddle up to someone special in Hawaii. This is the place where observers won’t be around to comment ‘get a room’ when you express PDA's. (Public displays of affection)

#5: Star Light Star Bright

Star gazing is extremely popular in Hawaii. You can’t resist but to look up and feel hypnotized by the moonlit ocean and bright starry skies. Propose in Hawaii under the stars or celebrate an anniversary with champagne, tiki torches and a picnic. The spirit of aloha will take over.

Already packing your bags? Don't forget your Hawaii travel checklist! Are you ready to book your Hawaii vacation for a romantic rendezvous? Call us at 604-687-8836 or visit Canada Travels and we’ll help you out! If you have a reason why Hawaii is the land of romance, let us know by commenting on our Facebook page!

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