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Travel 101: 5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids this Year

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 12 June 2012

If you want to travel this year, why not take the whole family? A family vacation may be necessary if your family hasn't been spending quality time together. With our busy lives of today and busy families with the kids in school, after school activities, college, overtime work hours and more, it just might be the right time to book that much desired family vacation.

Many people believe that it is too much of a hassle to travel with kids, but if you are organized it can go quite smooth. Sure, kids can be difficult at times, but so are we as adults. Embrace the magical moments of spending quality time abroad, in the tropics or cruising across the globe.

Here are 5 reasons to travel with your kids this year.

#1: Quality Time Together

Often, we take advantage of the time we have together. We pass eachother in the house, sit down for a quick breakfast, or connect with a 'how was your day?' before heading off to school and work. What if there were no interruptions, no cell phones, laptops, PlayStation or dvd player to steal your quality time? You will be 'forced' (and we say that in a lovingly manner) to be together and learn more about yourselves as a family unit.

#2: Enhanced Education

Kids may learn quite a bit from National Geographic magazines, the Travel Channel, TV and what not. Imagine taking them to a destination that they have only seen in magazines, exploring that old town in Spain or ancient castles in Ireland, visiting historic sites and Mayan ruins, discovering untouched beaches in the Caribbean and meeting people from all walks of life. There is so much more to discover outside of a television set; book your family vacation for 2012 today!

 #3: People are People

By making time to travel with your kids you can teach your kids about other cultures. Your kids will see people from all walks of life, colour, race and who live in all types of living circumstances, from poor to wealthy. This can truly teach your kids that we are all the same around the world and that even though we may look different, we are equal. If you come from a well-off family then your kids will see just how lucky they have it.

#4: They Keep Us Young

While laying by the beachside and wading in the pool all day with a margarita in your hand sounds lovely, when you take the kids with you they will keep you active and in shape. We all grow old, so why not live most of our years in a young 'Peter Pan-like' mindset. Laugh, play and romp around with your kiddies on vacation and you will see just how much younger you will appear.

#5: Photo! Memories! Photos!

Not everyone likes a swimsuit photo. But in this day and age we have so much access to digital cameras, cell phone cameras and more. Don't you ever wish your parents took more photos of your family vacations? Your kids will love you for it one day when they can show their kids how they had a blast when they were young too!

Don't worry, we'll come up with the top 5 reasons NOT to travel with kids too! But for now, if you want to book a family vacation and save on numerous all-inclusive packages and discounts flights, hotels and cruises, call us at 1-800-563-5722 or visit us at and check out our deals!

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