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Traveling with a Computer: How to Protect Your Life's Work

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 16 May 2012

Are you planning a trip of a lifetime, but are not sure how to take your most valuable source of communication? If you are you are probably wondering what would be the best way to protect it from any damages or file loss. If you are traveling with a computer or laptop this year, do not fret! There are a large variety of solutions to keep you connected and WI-FI-friendly while abroad.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your computer, laptop, Ipad, Notebook while traveling. You certainly do not want to be 1,500 miles away from your office or any other means of personal communication without computer protection!

#1: Pack it up!

While it may seem simple to just casually throw your laptop or computer of any form into a backpack when you are in a mad rush to the airport to catch a last minute flight. If you throw it into a backpack that is not meant to hold laptops etc. you may find tons of scratches and damages when you arrive in your destination. Pack your laptop or computer up properly either in a bag that was designed to hold one such as a briefcase or wrap it in bubble wrap and other clothing.

#2: Put a Sleeve on it!

Laptop sleeves offer the best form of protection when it comes to supporting your laptop in every which way. They are easy to use and you can slip your laptop in quickly when you are in a rush. It will protect your computer from major dings and scratches and keep everything in its place. The only downfall of tucking your laptop into a sleeve is that it may be inconvenient when you need immediate access.

#3: Back it up!

Make numerous copies of your files, buy an external hard drive and keep an array of USB flash sticks on hand. If anything (god forbid!) happens to your laptop or computer you can guarantee the safety of your files.

#4: Wi-Fi isn't Always Friendly

When you are traveling, make sure you realize how insecure Wi-Fi in public areas can be. We are talking about lobby's of hotels and resorts and other common tourist areas. Make sure your Firewall is up and kicking! Your Firewall, when turned on, can protect you from unwanted filtering emails and hackers just dying to snoop in your personal files. If you use Windows XP, check your security centre in the control panel and if you use Mac, check out sharing options under system preferences. If you don't have an option, you can purchase Norton Personal Firewall.

#5: Surf Smart!

When emailing and making purchases online, make sure you are visiting secure websites. Look for a padlock or some sort of security guarantee on every website you visit. Be aware, be cautious! There are hackers all over the world just waiting to steal your identity, personal files and money. Outsmart them!

#6: Stop Thieves in their Tracks

Avoid flashing around your laptops in public areas, keep it on you at all times and do not leave your laptop by itself on a counter top or cafe table. Just because people are trusted in your home town does not mean the rest of the world is the same.

#7: Log Out!

Do not forget to log out when you sign into banking and other personal websites. This includes Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and many other popular social media websites.

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