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What Defines a Good Hotel? Give Us Your Opinion

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 27 July 2012

What defines a good hotel? What is the perfect hotel stay and what needs are met? It doesn't matter whether you were trekking across Europe and lodging in budget-friendly hotels or staying on the Big Island of Hawaii in a 5-star luxury resort; your travel needs are pretty much the same wherever you go.We all have certain travel requirements when we travel and when go on vacation. What is your idea of a great hotel?

Most people remember whether the hotel stay was a successful one or a complete disaster and some don't even think twice about their previous vacation stay. Get your hotel checklist out! Don't be afraid to leave comments and remarks about your hotel stay before you leave your hotel room. Feedback is a fabulous tool for hotel success. Here are a few questions to ponder with regards to a 'good hotel stay.'

  • Were you impressed by the service and hospitality within the hotel?

  • Were you satisfied with the hotels location? Did it serve your travel desires?

  • Did you sample first-class cuisine and an exotic array of traditional dishes?

  • Was the hotel immaculate? Were you satisfied with the level of cleanliness?

  • If at a 5-star, did the hotel offer extra amenities and features such as a spa, fitness center or nightly entertainment? If at a 2 or 3 star, were there activities to keep you busy and an option to take tours and excursions?

We all seek different qualities within our individual hotel stay, but there are some top things you should look out for in every hotel, whether a 5-star luxury or a budget-friendly 2-star hotel.

#1: Location, Location, Location

This is important to many travelers when they are booking their vacation escape. Some want to be by the ocean and close to markets and shops, while others want a secluded hotel and resort in the middle of nowhere. Location is very important and many hotels are built and designed specifically for a certain type of traveler.

For example, a good hotel for business travelers and executive would be an airport-based hotel with a 2 minute commute to boarding your next flight. Another example would be travelers looking for a 'relax-cation'. A good hotel for this type is situated along the coast or on the beach front and away from large city areas. A good hotel for busy tourists would be one located right near the center of their designated city, where shops, restaurants, cafes and attractions are at their fingertips.

#2: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

How many times do you remember the food from your last hotel stay? Most do and its either thumbs up or thumbs down. The restaurants and their menu choices have a massive impact on whether or not a guest will be satisfied with their stay. A good hotel offers variety, has more than one dining venue(preferably one for a casual breakfast, a snack bar, a seated lunch option and casual dining, as well as fine dining), and also offers in-room dining services.

#3: Service with a Smile

We all know a smile goes along way in this world and especially in the hospitality world. A good hotel greets you with open arms, checks in with you during your stay to see if you are satisfied and does their utmost best to fulfill all of your travel needs during your stay. A good hotel knows how to please their guests at all costs.

What do you look for in a hotel when you travel? What do you believe makes a 'good hotel' stand out? We would love to hear your opinion. Share with us on our Facebook page! Contact us and book your dream escape today by giving one of our travel experts a call at 1-800-563-5722 or through our website at


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