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Referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos is one of the most breathtaking destinations on the island of Cuba. With colonial architecture, friendly locals and variety of cultural experiences, Cienfuegos remains a popular vacation choice for travelers every year. Known for its sugar, coffee and abundance of citrus fruit trees, this destination is the place to give your taste buds a run for their money. 

Visitors can enjoy a Jagua Ferry ride and take in picturesque views of its bayside shores, glorious nearby mountains and stunning city sights. This area is the place to relax and unwind, escaping the hustle and bustle of popular tourist-populated cities such as Havana, Holguin and Varadero. 

Visit the south of the city where you can explore chic and modern neighborhoods that provide spectacular uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea and tranquil bay areas. Unlike the Cuban capitals, Cienfuegos offers serenity and an escape from busy traffic and concentrated crowds. There are numerous day-trips to take advantage of, botanical gardens and colourful marine life to discover, as well as a historical Spanish fortress to explore. Don't miss out on a trip to the popular landmark Plaza Jose Marti, architectural building Palacio de Valle, the shimmering waterfalls of El Nicho and the charming neighborhood of Punta Gorda!

Toronto to Cayo Santa Maria

  • $385.00
  • taxes: $380.00

Toronto to Cienfuegos

  • Departure Date
  • Wed, Apr 19, 2017
  • Departing: 3:50pm
  • Return Date
  • Tue, Apr 25, 2017
  • Departing: 10:05pm
  • $385.00
  • tax: $380.00