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Discover Mazatlan, Mexico and discover yourself.  Mazatlan is a magical destination that can leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This desired destination is visited yearly by thousands of tourists that take great pleasure in having an inside look into authentic Mexican culture and the lifestyle.

Located on the Mexican Gold Coast, this premiere hot-spot offers visitors the chance to explore the Sierra Mountains, sample genuine Mexican cuisine, get involved in a variety of sports, experience local nightlife and connect with the warm people that live there year round.

Known as Mexico's best kept secret, Mazatlan was first discovered in the 1940’s by Hollywood and soon became the Mexican Riviera’s first resort location.  It was once a tiny fishing village which soon became a popular tourist gateway to Mexico and also a major seaport.

The two main areas within Mazatlan include the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) and the Old Mazatlan district which are connected by a seven mile beachfront road.  Both areas offer tourists exceptional shopping opportunities and numerous nightclubs, restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Mazatlan is usually referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ because of the ancient legends of pirates and buried treasure that remain alive there.

With over 150 hotels, condos and luxury world-class resorts, Mazatlan has an abundance of accommodations to select from when booking a vacation.  When visitors stroll the boardwalk, called the Malecón to locals, it is not uncommon to find a number of local fisherman selling their catch to whoever may be interested.

Local cuisine in the Zona Dorada varies and tourists can sample diverse dishes from Italian and Japanese to Spanish and authentic Mexican. There is cuisine to suit every taste-bud in Mazatlan, hospitality exceeds expectations and hunger satisfaction is inevitable.

As for entertainment, visitors will not run out of activities to keep them busy all day long. Avid golfers are delighted when they hear about Mazatlan’s first-rate luxruy golf resorts. Mazatlan is known across the globe as a number one fishing destination, sports-fishing that is. Just off the coast in the deep Pacific waters there are Marlin, Wahoo, Pacific sailfish and Dorado just waiting to be caught.  

Other local activities include numerous city adventures, archeological sites, cliff diving adventures, snorkeling, mountain biking, eco-adventures, surfing, horseback riding and guided colonial tours.

A visit to Mazatlan’s beaches should not be missed. The top beaches include Las Gaviotas, Playa Olas Altas, Playa Los Cerritos and Playa Norte where tourists can sun bathe, relax, swim and stroll along the sun-kissed sands of the Golden Zone. What are you waiting for? Add Mazatlan to your ‘to-do’ travel list and feel the magic of Mexico.

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