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8 Reasons Why The Caribbean Is Your Perfect Solution To The Winter Blues

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 18 September 2013

If you are looking for reasons to visit the Caribbean this year and during the winter months, we have 8! There are numerous reasons why the Caribbean and all of its beautiful islands remain one of the most popular destinations in the world and if you need to be ultimately convinced and offered the facts, keep on reading. The Caribbean has been attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year for many years and it will always be one of the first people dream about when they think of escaping.

With sparkling turquoise-blue waters, some of the best beaches in the world, warm and friendly locals and sun-filled days on end, the Caribbean is adored and treasured by those who have stepped foot upon its many sandy white beaches. If you are hesitating on whether or not you should choose the Caribbean as your winter escape this year, check out the top 8 reasons why the Caribbean is your perfect solution to the winter blues.

#1: Romantic Opportunities

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular and more convenient for soon-to-be-wed couples. For those that are not tying the knot or who are already married, there are a long list of opportunities for romance and intimate places to discover. From sexy secluded beaches and secret lagoons to magnificent waterfalls and breathtaking sunsets, the Caribbean and all of its tropical ambiance and natural beauty has this fantastic ability to unleash your most intimate feelings and desires. 

#2: Activities Galore!

Whether you want to go scuba diving and snorkeling or deep sea fishing and bungee jumping, the Caribbean has it all. Climb waterfalls in Jamaica, aerial trek zip line in exotic Barbados, visit ancient ruins on the island of Nevis or snorkel through schools of colourful fish in St. Maarten. The opportunities for fun in the sun, sand and surf are endless and almost every 4 or 5 star all inclusive hotel has a wide range of activities to offer their guests as well.

#3: Nothing Say's "I Beat The Winter Blues" Like Attending Carnival!

Beginning in February and thorughout the year, the Caribbean launches its annual 'Carnival' which are events full of parades, colourful costumes, wild beach parties, unlimited local food and snacks, non-stop activities and more! If you want to get away from routine days and dark, cold weather, then book a trip to the Caribbean and head to one of the carnivals! There is no point in wasting time sitting around and being a couch potato when you could be sampling exotic Caribbean street snacks, dancing to the beat of an island and meeting new friends. Be prepared this time around and plan to escape the 'blah' days of winter this year.

#4: Accessible From All Ends Of The Earth

The Caribbean is easy accessible from every part of the world so forget thinking you will lose out if you live in the UK, Spain or Australia. There are flights from every part of the world, and even if you have to take a connecting flight, it will be worth it. You will also find major cruise lines offering packages that feature Caribbean port stops. Don't allow your location to deter you from seeing all the beauty and natural charm that the Caribbean has to offer.

#5: Who Can Say No To 365 Days Of Sun?

While you may experience a thunderstorm or rain showers here and there, it never stays around for long. The Caribbean offers some of the best sunny weather in the world and you always have a chance of experiencing multiple days of sun while on vacation there. (Just be cautious around hurricane season) If you love to sun bathe or if you just have a special attachment to tropical weather and temperatures, make sure you spend some time in the Caribbean this upcoming winter.

#6: Friendly Locals and Happy People

Maybe it's the warm weather and non-stop sunny days, or perhaps it is just how the island spirit is experienced when living there. When you visit any island in the Caribbean you will always be greeted with warmth and kindness. The Caribbean people are warm and friendly and you will always feel welcome in some way or another.

#7: Variety Is The 'Caribbean' Spice Of Life

Whether you want to spend your days at a tropical spa getaway and play a competitive game of volleyball upon a golden sun-kissed beach or if you want to scuba dive and explore the ocean blue, you can do it here. The Caribbean offers an activity for everyone to enjoy, of any age and any travel personality. You will never be bored, we can guarantee you that.

#8: Did We Mention The Food?

If you love trying new food, your taste buds are in for a grand surprise when you visit any of the unique Caribbean Islands. From callaloo and pepperpot soup to spicy curries and conch chowder, there are phenomenal culinary experiences to sample. If you don't become a return guest to the Caribbean for any of the above reasons, you will certainly return for the wild culinary adventure! 

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