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Head To The Sun: 5 Benefits Of A Sunny Vacation

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 16 September 2013

If you are dreading the darker skies, rain and colder weather now that summer is coming to an end and fall is quickly approaching, maybe it is time to book your much-needed winter escape to the sun. We all know the damage that the sun can do to us if we are over exposed to it, but what about all the benefits it offers us? A tropical vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico can do wonders to the mind, body and soul and if you take care of yourself and load on the sunscreen you have nothing to worry about. Here are 5 amazing benefits of natural sunlight that will convince you that you are due for a vacation in the sun this fall or winter.

#1:  Boost Your Mood And Forget Singing The Blues

Have you noticed that when it is sunny outside, people are naturally happier? Everyone has down days and everyone feels blue from time to time, but if you have frequent moments of "blah", then it may be that you need to put a little sunshine into your heart and life! Planning a trip away to the tropics will give you the sunny and warm escape you need to rejuvenate yourself in a variety of ways. We all need to break up our routine and step away from it to be able to find new energy for everything we do on a daily basis. If not, we simply burn out. 

Stop singing the blues and make sure you have a week or two away booked so that you can soak up some "happy rays" and start fresh upon your return. Even your boss will be happy you did as you are not useful if you are bringing a negative vibe to the work place every day. Give yourself time to reflect and recover from days of routine efforts. Talk to us and we'll help you plan a relaxing escape to the sun where you can truly replenish your overall happy vibe. We're here to help you travel! (And to help you escape your hum drum woes!)

#2: Fight Off Infections And Disease Like Superman With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is what allows us to fight off horrible diseases and infections, and when we have been in the dark for too long and haven't taken vitamin D supplements, you desperatly need sunshine. The sun gives us a fabulous natural source of vitamin D and can give our bodies the fighting power to defend itself when infectious "bugs" try to take over. If you cannot escape to the sun every now and then, at least make sure you take vitamin D supplements. But, without a doubt, climbing the Dunn's River Falls under the warm sun in Jamaica or basking in the sun on Varadero Beach in Cuba is much more fun than taking a little white tablet.

#3: Your Sleep Becomes More Deep

Yes, it is true. It has been proven than if you have regular exposure to sunshine you will sleep much more deeper at night. If you get regular sunlight during the day, your serotonin levels will stay at a healthy level, allowing your body to produce natural melatonin at night. Melatonin offers us a deeper sleep and promotes a normal circadian rhythm which is extremely important for heart health.


#4: Sunlight Is Actually Healthy For The Skin (In Moderation!)

If you get a regular does of sunlight each day, you increase the brown pigment (melanin) in your skin. This allows your skin to defend itself against many of the harmful rays associated with the sun. The top layer of your skin becomes thicker, offering it a natural defense against damaging sun rays. If you have any problems with your skin such as eczema, chronic acne, boils etc. the sunlight can also help reduce the symptoms. UV rays in moderation can provide our skin with natural defenses against nasty bacteria such as mites, fungi and various viruses. Remember, enjoying the sun in 'moderation' means 15 to 20 minutes at a time, not basting yourself and lying there on the beach like this year's Thanksgiving turkey!

#5: Reduce Stress Levels And Keep Your Heart Healthy

As mentioned before, Vitamin D is essential and we receive this from healthy sunlight exposure. Vitamin D can also help prevent major heart complications and diseases, as well as reduce stress. Since being in the sunlight also enhances mood, your stress hormones will be greatly reduced. Stress is the number one leading cause of all health complications. Don't be another statistic and get your daily does of sunlight or plan your annual trip to one of the top sunshine destinations of the world. Let's face it, who would actually be stressed out by the pool in a luxury 5-star Varadero, Cuba resort, while sipping a tropical mojito? Not me, that's for sure.

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