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How to Travel Light: Packing Tips

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 5 April 2012

With all of the major airline restrictions nowadays, there really isn't any reason why we shouldn't pack light for a trip. Think about it; when you are basking in the sun and wading in the Caribbean waters, do you really need anything but a swimsuit, shorts and a few casual outfits? In some cases you might need some formal wear, but you can still figure out how to pack light in any "case". Here is how to pack light for travel.

#1: When you are shopping for luggage, choose a light bag. The bag itself adds to the weight and may lead you to unwanted baggage fees.

#2: If you want to travel light and with minimal baggage. Make a list before you start packing. It will keep you on track so you don't go overboard on evening gowns and dress shoes.

#3: Limit your shoes. Take only what you need. For example: one formal pair, one beach wear and some running shoes.

#4: Choose a couple of outfits that you can mix and match over a week or however long you are going away for. It's amazing how many different outfits you can switch around. Save space in your luggage for lighter items like underwear and socks.

#5: If you can, avoid taking a jacket. A jacket can take up a considerable amount of space and can add to your luggage weight.

#6: Use travel size containers for your bathroom kit. Bathroom items like contact solution, lotions and shampoos are heavy. Use the airplane travel size bottles so you can take your bathroom kit in a carry on rather than packing it in your checked luggage.

#7: Check the weather report and forecast for the destination you are traveling too. Pack according to the forecast.

#8: Three to four sets of clothes is more than enough. Take some laundry detergent in a zip loc bag and wash your own clothes to make each outfit last longer.

#9: Pack wisely. Roll your clothes to reduce wrinkling and to save space. Backpackers have known this 'trick of the travel trade' for years.

#10: When shopping for luggage, decide whether you want the extra weight of wheels or not. While wheels are easier on the back, they add quite a bit of extra weight. You could ditch the luggage all together and buy a strong backpack.

On the plus side, if you pack light and in an organized manner, you can avoid problems with security and a heavy weight luggage fee.

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