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RX: Travel: It's Time To View A Vacation As A Necessity Rather Than A Treat

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 17 June 2013

Don't you think it is time to change the way we look at travel and our annual vacation(s)? A large majority of us feel as though we should be rewarded with a vacation and travel time off because of our hard work. (Which of course is true if your hard work made you the money to be able to book that exotic Mediterranean cruise, tropical Caribbean escape or month-long European getaway.)

But what if we were to imagine travel as a necessary medical prescription in which you must fill every 6 months to a year and then repeat. Imagine vacation time as something you need rather than something you give to yourself when you have 'been good' or when you have been successful at something. Why not make it part of your lifestyle? Something you need in order to prosper, grow and to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. 

It is time we start looking at our vacation time and our travels as something that is imperative for our health and overall well being including our mental, physical and spiritual selves. How many times a year do you travel or truly 'get away from it all'? Or if not per year, how many times do you travel in a 5 year span? (This could be taking a road trip to a nearby city and staying for the weekend)

It is mind-boggling how many of us do not take time off to keep ourselves healthy and also how many of us choose vacations that aren't really an escape. For example, when you get your two weeks off, do you plan it wisely and choose to visit paradise or somewhere you have always dreamed of going? Or do you stay at home, stuck to the TV and play with your technical gadgets? Everyone needs time away from the daily grind. This refers to the day to day routine that eventually burns you out if you do not have time to rejuvenate and relax away from the same environment every day. 

You may be shaking your head and think that vacationing and travel exploration is only for those with enough money in their pockets and that it is a luxury. The travel industry is so massive and there are so many travel companies competing for your business that no matter what budget you are on, there is some sort of travel itinerary made for you. Try not to think of travel as something always done on a grand scale as it could be something as small as a weekend vacation out of your home town.

Consider it a break away from what you see and do every day. It is a time to be with your own thoughts without major distractions such as loud telephones, your bosses never-ending list of demands and daunting house work.

Maybe it is time you place more importance on travel and time away from the day to day and make it a priority every 6 months to a year. If you can do more than that, then consider yourself one of the luckier ones who may have more flexibility with regards to work schedules. Don't be afraid to put your vacation time on your to-do list and start filling those much needed travel prescriptions.

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