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Top 5 Family Travel Tips: Safety, Awareness and Entertainment are Key!

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 17 May 2012

If you are traveling with family this year and have kids, you might want to consider taking note of these important 5 family travel tips. Traveling on your own can be fun and less difficult, but family travel can create memories that will last a life time. There are some important tactics to remember when planning a family vacation this year. Check out these top 5 family travel tips for 2012!

#1: Keep your Cool

If you can keep your patience level in tact when traveling with the kids, you are ahead of the game! Patience is extremely important when you are traveling with loved ones, If in the event of any difficult scenarios. You must keep your cool and calm yourself down when travel takes its toll on you and your family.

#2: Pack Necessities

Make sure you bring everything you and your family urgently require in your carry-on bag. This may include toys, colouring books and entertainment, breast milk, medications, snacks, juice, baby wipes and more. Just make sure you check with the Transit Security Administration to make sure you have filled the travel requirements when it comes to liquids.

#3: Window Seat Fun

It is a smart traveler who gives their kids the window seat. By putting your kids in the window seat you can save them from getting smacked around by fast moving beverage and food carts. The rest of the in-flight passengers will be happy if your little one is by the window because it limits the amount interaction across isles.

#4: Entertainment is Key

When traveling you may undergo long waiting periods in airports with regards to delayed flights or other travel issues. You may have to wait in busy hotel lobby's and stay in long lineups at the train station. Whatever the case is, make srue you have entertainment for the kids. Keep them distracted so you don't have to listen to their frustration and boredom complaints.

#5: Safe Traveling and Check-Ins

When you are staying at hotels, resorts and other venues, check that everything within the rooms and establishment is safe for your children to roam. Look out for low balcony railings, cords and loose wires, as well as any other dangerous items that kids can hurt themselves with.

Be aware and you and your family will enjoy your vacation in full. Keep your family safe by keeping your cool in situations that may frighten or cause anxiety for your kids. The cooler you are, the safer your family and loved ones will feel. It's family travel time! Where will you take the kids for 2012? The Caribbean? Mexico? Cuba? Las Vegas?

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