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Women Traveling Solo: How to Stay Safe

Posted by Natasha Jervis on 2 May 2012

Are you a woman who wants to explore distant lands and experience what the world has to offer? It is wonderful if you are courageous enough to explore other countries and destinations, but it is also important to stay safe when traveling on your own. More and more women are deciding to travel on their own these days and it is a smart woman who takes precautions to rule out any uncomfortable or risky situations that may occur.

Make sure you check out these top travel tips for women traveling alone. Don't let anything stop you from having the dream vacation of a lifetime!

#1: Always leave your valuables at home. Forget bringing your great grandma's antique earrings or your favourite diamond necklace that you were given on your anniversary. The more bling women wear when traveling abroad, the more you become a target for pick pockets.

#2: Stay aware at all times. As a woman traveling alone it is good to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. If a scenario or place doesn't feel right, including people you meet, trust your gut and get out of there.

#3: Do not go for long walks on the beach at night or in downtown areas. While it may be wonderful to sit under the stars on the beach at night, you are only putting yourself at risk for scary situations or crime. Stay in public and well-lit areas to remain safe at all times.

#4:  If you want to travel into town or off your resort, go with a group you trust or a tour group led by a licensed tour guide. Do not go off by yourself. This is way too risky and could turn your dream vacation into the ultimate nightmare. Do not trust anyone.

#5: Ask around. Talk to locals and staff within the hotel you are staying at. Ask about safe areas and what areas you should steer clear from.

#6: If you have a purse with a strap, wear it across your chest. This will prevent anyone from having immediate access to your identification etc. It is also more difficult for a thief to steal your purse if it's wrapped around you.

#7: Make sure you have all emergency contact numbers on you and that all of your family and friends at home have your itinerary. Do not talk to strangers about your itinerary and travel plans in great detail, no matter how friendly they seem. Be aware!

#8: If you are not staying within a safe hotel and resort, try to wear proper clothing and don't reveal too much skin. Obviously, if you are staying at a resort you can prance around in your swim suit without worry and smooth out those tan lines.

#9: Make copies of your identification and passports. Keep them back at the hotel or in a seperate bag as a precaution.

#10: Make phone calls to friends and family back home to check in. Especially if you are traveling for more than a week.

Keep your senses alert at all times and stay safe when you book your next solo vacation abroad!

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